Watch the Evangelism Dilemma Panel from SBC 16

Watch the Evangelism Dilemma Panel from SBC 16

At SBC 16, a special panel including Johnny HuntDavid Platt, Robby Gallaty, Steve Gaines, and JD Greear discussed the challenges facing the church concerning evangelism, disciple-making, and the Great Commission. The panel was recorded, and you can watch below.

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Robby Gallaty is the Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. He was radically saved out of a life of drug addiction on November 12, 2002. In 2008, he began Replicate Ministries to equip and train men and women to be disciples who make disciples. He is also the author of Growing Up: How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples (2013), Firmly Planted: How to Cultivate a Faith Rooted in Christ (2015), Rediscovering Discipleship: Making Jesus’ Final Words Our First Work (2015), Foundations: A 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Believers (2015) The Forgotten Jesus: How Western Christians Should Follow an Eastern Rabbi (2017), and Bearing Fruit: What Happens When God’s People Grow (2017).
  • Dustin Oliver

    Pastor Robby, thank you for this much needed discussion panel with some of the greatest well known and respected leaders of our time. My input on this subject is that we personally need to get serious with God by redefining biblically what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and then living it out daily. I know that “getting serious with God” is a very cliche statement, but I believe that we have been conditioned by the church to individually claim the title of “Christian” without interpreting that title to mean “Disciple” and what it really means in order to be a disciple of Jesus. Not only that, but we are also very quick to apply the Christian and/or disciple label to others as an indicator of successful ministry.

    I believe the current struggle or the “Evangelism Dilemma” would better be defined as the “Evangelism Deception” in our denomination and throughout Christianity as a whole. For years we have allowed the enemy to deceive us into believing that if we just verbally tell someone the gospel from whatever platform we have been given to do so, (preaching, programs, outreach) and then coerce them into making an “on the spot” decision then we have succeed at evangelism.

    I believe that is the greatest lie straight from the pit of hell and this is Satan’s greatest tactic against the Kingdom of God. We have to break out of this mindset of the man-made evangelism methods and quit buying into the lies of the enemy. We have to start doing God defined evangelism based solely on the Word of God. This is where we must start, we need to hit the reset button on all things church, evangelism and discipleship. When we stop doing things the way we have always done things based on man’s ideas and we start to get serious with God and redefine our methods based on the Word, I think what we’ll find is that biblical evangelism is biblical in fact biblical discipleship.

    The two concepts are intertwined and can never be separated. The dilemma may seem real in the church today, but the truth is we have been deceived by the enemy into believing that evangelism and discipleship are two different methods and that we should lean one way or another depending on how we personally interpret and define success in ministry. Our success in evangelism/discipleship (I suggest a better the term evangeship) should be defined by God and according to His Word. Simple to say, but hard to implement, no one likes to start over at anything, but I think we must as denomination in order to honor God and experience Him in a real way that impacts us individually, our families, our churches, our nation and our world. We have to get it right, and we have to do it now and it has to be Scripture alone! Any other way is only going to cause more damage than good for the cause of Christ.