When I mention the words social media, what comes to mind?

Twitter is possibly one of the first sites you think of. You are not the only one who thinks this way. Take a look at these recent statistics from Staticbrain.com:

Total number of Active Twitter users:                                 554,750,000

Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday:         135,000

Average number of tweets per day:                                     58 million

Number of active Twitter users every month:                    115 million

Number of days it takes for 1 billion tweets:                      5 days

Number of tweets that happen every second:                   9,100

Percent of people who don’t tweet but watch:                  40%

The verdict is still out on the effects of Twitter upon ministry. Regardless of differing opinions, Twitter revolutionized how we connect with people, particularly those in ministry. Unlike any other time in history, you are able to follow the daily activities of pastors across the world.

Whether you are an active Twitter tweeter or someone who benefits from others who do, you, if you’re like me,  are looking to follow people who has something edifying to say. Scriptural truths, theological insights, and words fitly spoken are at the top of the list.

But with so many pastors on Twitter, whom should you follow? I have compiled a list of pastors to take out the guesswork. The list is in no particular order. When the following pastors tweet, I listen. They are worth your follow.

Johnny Hunt
Twitter: @JohnnyMHunt
Pastor of First Baptist Woodstock (Woodstock, GA)

J.D. Greear
Twitter: @JDGreear
Pastor of The Summit Church (Raleigh, NC)

Ronnie Floyd
Twitter: @RonnieFloyd
Pastor of Cross Church (Northwest Arkansas)

Mark Dever
Twitter: @MarkDever
Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington, DC)

Adam Dooley
Twitter: @AdamBDooley
Pastor of Dauphin Way Baptist Church (Mobile, AL)

Brian Croft
Twitter: @PastorCroft
Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church (Louisville, KY)

Danny Sinquefield
Twitter: @DanSinquefield
Pastor of Faith Baptist Church (Bartlett, TN)

David Platt
Twitter: @PlattDavid
Pastor of Church at Brook Hills (Birmingham, AL)

Jonathan Akin
Twitter: @JonathanAkin
Pastor of Fairview Church (Lebanon, TN)

Philip Nation
Twitter: @PhilipNation
Pastor at The Fellowship Church (Mt. Juliet & Nashville, TN)

Ted Traylor
Twitter: @TedTraylor
Pastor of Olive Baptist Church (Pensacola, FL)

Bryant Wright
Twitter: @BryantWright
Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church (Marietta, GA)

Garrett Kell
Twitter: @PastorJGKell
Pastor of Del Ray Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA)

Vance Pitman
Twitter: @VancePitman
Pastor of Hope Church (Las Vegas, NV)

Don Wilton
Twitter: @Don_Wilton
Pastor of First Baptist Spartanburg (Spartanburg, SC)

Matt Carter
Twitter: @_Matt_Carter
Pastor of The Austin Stone (Austin, TX)

Tony Merida
Twitter: @TonyMerida
Pastor of Imago Dei Church (Raleigh, NC)

Jedidiah Coppenger
Twitter: @JedCoppenger
Pastor of Redemption City (Franklin, TN)

Jimmy Scroggins
Twitter: @JimmyScroggins
Pastor of First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, FL)

Sam Rainer
Twitter: @SamRainer
Pastor of Stevens Street Baptist Church (Cookeville, TN)

Rob Wilton
Twitter: @VunitedPastor
Pastor of Vintage Church (New Orleans, LA)

Hershael York
Twitter: @HershaelYork
Pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church (Frankfort, KY)

Paul Jimenez
Twitter: @PHJimenez
Pastor of Taylors First Baptist Church (Taylors, SC)

Gregg Matte
Twitter: @GreggMatte
Pastor of First Baptist Houston (Houston, TX)
Did I miss any pastors that you follow?

Whom would you add to the List?

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