Are you Looking for FAT Believers? You Should Be

FAT You are probably wondering, What kind of person am I looking for to be in a D-Group (Discipleship Group)? Are there certain qualities or characteristics to identify in a potential group member? In addition to the prayer and preparation each week, you will set aside time every week to meet. If you are still unsure of how to start a discipleship group, check out 5 Steps to Take Before Beginning a Discipleship Group.  Here are 3 Essential Qualities of a Potential Discipleship Group Participant:
  • Faithful
A faithful person is dedicated, trustworthy, and committed. Consider a potential disciple’s faithfulness by observing other areas of his/her spiritual life, such as church attendance, small group involvement, or service in the church. Faithfulness is determined by a commitment to spiritual things.
  • Available
Discern an individual’s availability by his willingness to meet with and invest in others. Does this person carve out time to listen, study, and learn from others? Is he accessible when called upon? Does she have a regular quiet time with God of reading the Word and praying? Availability is measured by a willingness to serve God.
  • Teachable
Not everybody who attends a Bible study, Sunday school class, or D-Group is teachable. A teachable person has a desire to learn and apply what is taught. One who is teachable is open to correction. Recognize teachability by observing one’s response to God’s Word. For example, after hearing a sermon on prayer, does he begin to pray more regularly? Or after a lesson about the dangers of the tongue, does this person implement changes in her speech? A teachable person not only listens to what is taught, but also applies it to his or her life. One characteristic is a necessity. In fact, it’s a deal breaker: a teachable spirit. If a believer possesses manifold talents and abilities but is unteachable, you will not be able to work with them. Let me repeat: you will not be able to work with them. Over the past decade, I have approached two people about resigning from the group because they weren’t teachable. Their arrogance distracted others in the group. However, you can work with a person who may not possess any exceptional talents or abilities to write home about but one, a teachable spirit. You may be saying, “You shouldn’t be choosy about potential disciples. Work with whomever comes your way.” I understand the logic; however, Jesus didn’t adopt this strategy. Yes, he chose 12 disciples, but he passed by many.