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Most Believers are admittedly ill prepared to share their faith with others; yet the Apostle Peter suggested, “Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” (1 Peter 3:15).
Author Paul Auster talks about his childhood obsession with the New York Giants baseball team in his essay, “Why Write?”. His first major league game was a memorable one. In the outfield that day was his childhood hero, Willie Mays. After the game, Auster noticed Mays outside of the players’ locker room. He yelled, “Mr. Mays could I please have your autograph?” “Sure, kid, sure,” Mays replied. “You got a pencil?”
Auster didn’t have a pencil and neither did anyone with him. For that matter, no one in the vicinity had a pencil. After patiently waiting, Mays, realizing the dilemma of the boy, responded, “Sorry kid. Ain’t got no pencil, can’t give no autograph.”
To this day, Auster carries a pencil with him in his pocket. “It’s not that I had any particular plans for that pencil,” said Auster, “but I didn’t want to be unprepared. I had been caught empty-handed once, and I wasn’t about to let it happen again.”

Carrying the gospel with us everywhere we go is infinitely more important than carrying a writing instrument.
Believers must be prepared to explain why they believe what they believe. Discipleship aids this process.

Why did you Start your Discipleship Group?

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