3 Tips for ‘Gooder’ Discipleship

Scott Attebery:

When it comes to discipleship, I’m afraid we’ve bought into the backward order of teaching as well. Typically, we think discipleship starts in a sanctuary, progresses to a classroom, and maybe, just maybe, will one day make it into real life. Perhaps, however, Jesus’s example should change our thinking. He didn’t start out by telling men to “come to the Synagogue” (although He did teach there), instead He just told them to “follow me.” In the midst of his modeling, He took advantage of opportunities to give the Twelve “hands on experience” and mentoring. And, occasionally, when their heads were full of questions from everything they had witnessed and experienced, he even pulled them aside for a lecture. Seems a little backwards to most of us, doesn’t it? Here’s a few ideas to consider when trying to make disciples:

Scott is dead on here. While Biblical preaching is important in the life of a believer, it isn’t discipleship. Discipleship is life on life with other believers.