5 Indispensable Ways to Stay Connected with your D-Group

5ways-stayconnected A D-Group (a discipleship group of 3 to 5) is essential for maturing in one’s faith. The 12 Apostles lived in a discipleship group, constantly being challenged, encouraged, and confronted by Jesus. Unfortunately, our schedules don’t lend themselves to full-time discipleship development. The weekly meeting is a necessity. It is a training ground for growth, accountability, confession of sin, prayer, and bible study, to name a few. As important as the weekly meeting is, much of a person’s spiritual development happens  outside of the weekly meeting. Before a person cares about how much you know, they want to know how much you care. While care can be expressed in many forms, connectivity is at the top of the list. Here are 5 ways to stay connected with your D-Group:
  • Phone
It goes without saying how important a timely phone call can be, especially during a trying time. It’s good to hear someone’s voice in an age where the preferred method of communication is a collection of characters on a screen.
  • Group Text
I started a group text at the outset of our group. The group members are able to share insightful truths, encouraging words, and prayer requests in real time. Early on, one of the guys asked the group for prayer moments before sharing the gospel with a lost family members. Sharing life with the others fosters continuity within the group.
  • Social media
Twitter and Facebook can be redeemed if used in the right manner. I will sometimes tweet about what we’re studying or memorizing to spur the guys on. Also, I invite others to pray for crucial events in the life of the guys. When I took my group with me to the prison (to preach not to visit one of our guys), I asked for prayer on social media.
  • Email
I know that email is outdated for many, but don’t overlook the impact a heartfelt message letting a group member know that you’re praying for them.
  • One-on-one Meetings
I try to go to lunch with each of the group members periodically, since the group may hinder open sharing for some. If lunches are difficult to make, meet for coffee at Starbucks or Barnes & Nobles. Provide an avenue for feedback about their struggles, their marriage/relationship, their walk with Christ, or their experience in the group. What other avenues do you use for staying connected with your D-Group? If these ideas resonate with you, here are three options:
  • REACT. Do something.
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