6 Discipleship Lessons From Seeding a Lawn

Kevin Platt:
I’ve had two different types of lawns in my life.  One is a beautiful carpet of Kentucky blue grass- the other a mowed over patch of weed/grass that I was happy was just green.  Do you know how I found out the difference?  I used the same weed/feed compound on my side yard that I did my front lawn- in a few days the front grass was looking healthy but when I walked around the side yard- I realized just how many weeds had been in that weed/grass mix because half my lawn was bare!  Be careful what you are growing- just because it’s green doesn’t make it grass.  You can either watch from the beginning and deal with issues when they come up or simply assume everything is ok- and then have to do a lot of work to correct a situation.  Either way….’
I’ve never thought about discipleship this way, but I love the analogy. Growing a lawn full of green healthy grass takes time, patience, and a bit of help of the rain. Discipleship takes time, patience, and a leading of the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of the people you are investing in.