629224f0-3e31-4fd8-8d21-450027392d1bChristians should strive to be “people of the Book” because the Word of God is central to our faith. We should prioritize memorizing it, studying it, and reading it from cover to cover. Sometimes, though, we may find ourselves getting off track.

I was blessed to grow up in a family that believed in reading the Bible. Over the course of my childhood, my mom actually read us the entire Bible during family devotion times! Then she challenged us to read through the Bible on our own, following a generic read-the-Bible-in-a-year guides. I found out very quickly that Leviticus’ laws and Numbers’ census counts were difficult to get through as a small child. They made me drag my feet and eventually give up.

So how do you help your kids stay in God’s Word without watering it down? Check out the following things you can do to teach your kids to have a daily time with God:

1) Pray and ask God to be with your time in His Word and invite God to speak to you through you study.

2) Model to kids how to have a quiet time with God. Have a quiet time together so that a child will understand?

3) Treat the Bible with respect as you handle and carry it, affirming its trustworthiness, authority, and reliability.

4) Read a passage out loud together.

5) Ask kids what they think the passage means.

6) Memorize important verses.

7) Talk about what actions God is telling you to take as a result of your Bible study. Take action where God tells you to take action!

8) Respond to God in prayer.

9) Journal about the things you are learning and God’s answers to your prayers.

10) Thank God for answering your prayer.

Notice how this movement starts and ends with prayer and opening yourself to God’s voice. It also assumes that you as the parent are also being fed from the Word daily, too. This way, you and your children are taking the journey through the Word together. What great lessons for our kids!

Foundations for Kids is a tool that helps parents teach their kids God’s Word using this exact model. Not only does it provide a kid-friendly 260-day reading plan (5 days per week for one year), but it coincides with the Foundations adult devotional so that parents and kids can go through this study together: reading God’s Word, memorizing it, understanding and applying its truths, and responding to God in prayer.

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