If you missed it, Watch “Are You Hitting the Center of the Wrong Discipleship Target? Part 1” Here. 

Many people have gauged success in Churches by the wrong metrics.
Do you know what Three Roadblocks to a Successful Discipleship Ministry are?

Here is the Final Roadblock to defining success in a Discipleship Group.

Jesus was not impressed with finances. Yes, He taught on money more than heaven and hell combined, but He never put much stock in the size of the traveling treasury. Consider whom He put in charge of His ministry funds: Judas, who betrayed Him for a meager thirty pieces of silver.
The truth of the Scripture is this: Jesus measured success by something other than buildings, bodies, and budgets. He taught us that disciple-making is what matters, and it is a process that takes time.

Remember, you can’t microwave disciples.

Have you been hitting the Center of the Wrong Discipleship Target? In What ways?

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