Conceived in 2000 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, its goal was simple: contract the best and brightest doctors, historians, and professors from around the world to research and write scholarly articles which, upon completion, would be filtered through an extensive editing process and then uploaded to an online site. Due to the nature of the task, the project was extremely slow, causing the two owners to unplug the servers after three years with only 24 articles posted to the web and 74 others in the review stage.

In 2001, Wales and Sanger launched a second vehicle for the purpose of creating a feeder system for Nupedia. This subsequent venture adopted a different strategy. average, ordinary men and women were encouraged to submit articles to the same editorial staff. For example, an avid golfer could submit an article about golf. Likewise, a football fan could write an article about his favorite team with stats, schedule, names of players, and coaches. An Alabama Football fan doesn’t mind Researching and Writing about the Team.

Within one Year, Wikipedia received 20,000 articles. Right now there are 17 Million Wiki-Articles Online.

Here is our problem today: Most Churches function like Nupedia instead of Wikipedia. 

Only Accredited, Trained Ministers are allowed to Carry out the Ministry while the rest of the Church sits Idly by. This was never the Case for Jesus. Jesus called the Untrained, Unequipped, Ordinary Men to do Extraordinary Things.

What could happen in churches if the leadership began to Give the ministry away to Believers?

We would have a New Testament Church.

Maybe the reason you aren’t seeing discipleship happen in your church is because you’re spending too much time Executing Ministry and not Equipping other for the work of ministry.

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