A churchwide disciplemaking
strategy that actually works.

Do you have a passion for discipleship, but need a plan that works?
Are you burdened by the lack of spiritual depth in your people?
Are you looking for an effective discipleship strategy that is doable?

The Discipleship Blueprint

9 training sessions to launch a thriving churchwide disciplemaking strategy.

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The foundation of every successful discipleship culture. This nine-video training session package with built-in Q&A gives you everything you need to know to begin building a vibrant and sustainable church.

When we set out to create a blueprint for discipleship, we looked to the person who did it best: Jesus Christ. After spending years carefully studying how Jesus built and maintained a culture of discipleship around him, we took his techniques and made them applicable for churches in the 21st century. The end result was the perfect foundation for every church leader looking to grow their church—the end result was The Blueprint.

What will you learn in this Blueprint?

  • How to plan, formulate, and develop a disciple-making culture in your church and its ministries.
  • The proven historical models of disciple-making as practiced by Jesus and others religious leaders.
  • How to develop a comprehensive plan for empowering leaders in your church.
  • The MARCS of a Disciple: A simple, memorable way for every disciple to identify key areas for growth.
  • H.E.A.R. Journals: A simple tool will help every church member engage with God’s Word.
  • Discipleship Group: A simple, weekly group format that has been implemented in thousands of churches.
  • The Discipleship Pathway: A churchwide discipleship strategy that will transform your church.
  • 8 Keys To Creating a Disciplemaking Culture 
  • MARCS of a Disciple
  • DNA of a healthy D-Group 
  • Framework For A Healthy Small Group
  • and more…



The acronym H.E.A.R. stands for Highlight, Explain, Apply, and Respond. This simple method your entire church (kids, students, adults) can use that will provide a transformative approach to reading and studying the Bible.


The MARCS assessment is a strategic, relational exercise that your staff and your people can walk through together to connect with one another and to identify where to focus in your life using the MARCS of a Disciple framework.


Inspired from Jesus’ model of ministry, the Discipleship Pathway is a holistic discipleship strategy for all ages of your church that you can contextualize to fit your unique context.


You will receive an interactive booklet that you can use in your church to help leaders start their Discipleship Groups.



Robby Gallaty and Replicate Team

Replicate Ministries equips church leaders with practical discipleship plans and transformative coaching so they can make disciples who make disciple-makers. We designed these disciple-making strategies with inspiration from proven biblical principles to help churches of all sizes create long-term and truly meaningful engagement.

Led by Robby Gallaty, Lead Pastor of Long Hollow church, and his team of experienced pastors, Replicate Ministries has been able to help thousands of churches across the world inspire and empower their congregations.

Pastor Robby has written 23 books on disciple-making, including his best-selling book Growing Up which sold over 100,00 copies. He has also “practiced what he preaches” by implementing the discipleship strategies revealed in our Discipleship Blueprint into all three of his churches, resulting in weekly attendances of 6,500 to 10,000 people.


Discipleship Blueprint Topics

Creating a Disciplemaking Culture

In this session, Pastor Robby Gallaty explains the six elements to create a disciplemaking culture. From developing language to equipping your staff and leadership, this session teaches the critical aspects to help make a cultural shift toward making disciples.

Laying a Foundation for Disciplemaking

In this session, Chris Swain explains the priority of disciplemaking as well as the practical process required for effectiveness. Detailing the ins and outs of the Discipleship Pathway as well as the MARCS of a healthy disciple, Chris helps lay the foundation for discipleship in your church or ministry.

MARCS of a Disciple Assessment

In this session, Chris Swain helps viewers assess their spiritual growth with the MARCS assessment. By examining the missional focus, accountability, multiplication, communal connection, and scriptural emphasis of the believer, the assessment provides clear action steps to determine growth areas for the participants. Additionally, discipleship group leaders will be equipped to assess their group members throughout the disciplemaking process.

Framework for a Healthy Groups Ministry

How do we create a community that fosters the growth of healthy disciples? In this session, Vick Green talks about the importance of relationships and community in developing and sustaining a disciplemaking movement.

Helping Every Church Member H.E.A.R. From God

In this session, Kandi Gallaty talks about the disciplines of Bible reading and journaling and how those disciplines go hand-in-hand to transform lives and relationships. She gives reasons why journaling is a crucial part of growing in spiritual maturity and discipling others. Kandi explains the H.E.A.R. method and gives practical advice for putting journaling into practice.

3 Steps to Launching Your Disciple Group Ministry

In this session, Vick Green gives you three simple steps to help you create your own Discipleship Group strategy and implement it into your church context to help your church begin to make disciples that make disciplemakers.

The Model D-Group

This practical session walks participants step by step through the discipleship group meeting. By presenting an overview of the discipleship group process and providing time for participants to experience each element, this session helps empower disciples to replicate their lives in the lives of others in response to Jesus’ command to make disciples.

Creating a Thriving Volunteer Culture

When seeking volunteers, are we looking to fill spots or to empower people? In this session, Collin Wood helps church leaders explore the motivation behind utilizing volunteers. He provides insight into how to shift your volunteer culture from filling spots to empowering people to step into their God-given gifts.

Passing the Baton

In this final session of the Discipleship Blueprint, Robby Gallaty challenges participants to pass the baton of discipleship on to others. Reminding believers that the Gospel came to you because it was headed to someone else, Robby shares a powerful historical narrative to convey the critical importance of making disciples as Jesus has commanded.

Q&A Session

Often the Discipleship Blueprint can lead to asking questions that arise when the training takes place. This session covers the basic questions church leaders ask regarding discipleship groups and implementing a Discipleship Pathway in your church.

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