Growing Up: How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples

Author: Robby Gallaty
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This book has the potential to change your life!

I think I’m a lot like you. There was a time in my life when I wanted to grow in my faith but just didn’t know how.

* I owned a Bible, but didn’t understand it.
* I heard others pray, but didn’t know how to communicate with God.
* I wanted to share my faith with others, but didn’t know where to start.
* I had friends at Church, but lacked deep relationships with anyone.
* I wanted to hide God’s word in my heart, but lacked a plan for memorization.
* I read the Scriptures, but didn’t know how to apply them.

Maybe this is where you are today.

One day my life changed forever. What was the turning point?
I realized the importance and power of discipleship.
Two men took the time to invest in my life (David Platt–author of Radical and Follow Me, as well as the Foreword of my book–and Tim Lafleur). Since then I have read nearly every book on discipleship, searching for answers to my questions.

Now I want to share my findings with you. Growing Up takes the guesswork out of growing closer to the Lord and equipping others to do the same. This book has the potential to change your life!In Growing Up, you will learn:

Three essential relationships every believer must be fostering;
How to begin, lead, and reproduce a D-Group (i.e., Discipleship Group);
Why a D-Group of 3 to 5 is more effective than an 1-on-1 relationship;
A proven method for HEARing from God;
One spiritual discipline that every disciple should be practicing;
Six questions every believer MUST be able to answer;
The difference between an addition and multiplication strategy;
Answers to commonly asked questions about disciple-making;

and much, much more!

Do not read this book and then discard it. As a manual for making disciples, Growing Up is a resource that you can use for years to come.
* Underline in it.
* Write in the margins.
* Interact with it.
* Meditate on it.

How can I promise that this book will change your Life?

This book is built on solid biblical principles. God’s Word, which He promised would never return void, imparts faith and produces a life change.
These principles have been tried and tested over the past decade in various discipleship groups.
My life has been impacted immensely through discipling relationships. I share my story of how God radically saved me from a life of drugs and alcohol in Chapter 1.

Grow In Your Walk with Christ–Defend Your Faith–Lead Others in the Journey!
“Growing Up is church tested, scripturally rich, and worth your time.”
– Dr. Ed Stetzer
“Invigorating! What makes the book so refreshing is the author’s own experience of discipleship. He writes as a practitioner, not a theoretician.”
– Dr. Robert Coleman
“I’ve had the wonderful privilege of sitting under the teaching of this man. Robby is intentional about making disciples who will make disciples.”
– Kay Arthur
“I want to encourage you as clearly as I possibly can. Please don’t read this book. Instead, do it. My prayer is that this resource from my friend and brother might be used in the hand of God.”
– Dr. David Platt

Take A Look Inside