Moody Publishers | 2020 | B07YTM9L23

Replicate: How to Create a Culture of Disciplemaking Right Where You Are

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A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Disciplemaking in Any Church

Over the last few decades American churches have produced plenty of converts but not as many mature believers. Studies show the majority of Christians don’t even understand the basics of faith. But how do you tackle such a big problem?

Replicate shows church leaders how to make disciples who make disciples and get the rest of your church on board as well. This one-on-one relational ministry is how Jesus laid the foundation for His church that is still growing today, and it’s how we continue the work in our own local congregations. Learn the five marks of a healthy disciplemaking church, how to influence culture, uproot misconceptions of the church and the gospel, and change your church and community. No more focusing on mere numbers, it’s time to grow in maturity and through multiplication.

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