Creation Museum

Dinosaurs, Noah's Ark, and the Creation Museum

Our trip to the Creation Museum was long overdue. Our fifth-graders make a trip every year before being promoted to our student ministry. Our senior adults, college students, single adults, and various Sunday Bible study classes have even made the trip. My wife asked repeatedly for me to take her, but I responded with the normal pastoral excuse, “I would love to go, but it’s impossible with my schedule.” The opportunity finally presented itself for Kandi and me to make the trip. Was it worth our time? My first comment to her on the plane home was, “Why did I wait so long to visit the museum?” Immediately, I realized that Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis Ministries, shared the same passion I do for making disciples. If we, particularly the fathers, do not disciple our families, who will? God has appointed us to be the priests of our home. The museum brings to life the creation, the Fall, redemption, and restoration at the end of time. Your questions about dinosaurs, Cain marrying his sister, different species and kinds of animals, evolution, the Big-Bang theory, planets, stars, and our solar system, to name a few, will be answered from a biblical perspective. Read More
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