What You Miss By Not Making Disciples

As we conclude the Growing Up Challenge series, we examine what you miss out on by not making disciples. Sign up for the Growing Up Challenge. It was the summer of 1986. I was 9 years old. My sister Lori was 7. And after seeing the movie Space Camp, we were determined to go to there for a week. We begged Mom and Dad the entire way home to send us. There was only 1 problem. Space camp wasn’t cheap. But I was passionate and persistent, even at 9. Some way, I negotiated with my parents to send us to space camp, on 1 condition: we both had to make the honor roll next school year. They key word was both. This was an easy task for my sister, who made the honor roll every period. Me, on the other hand, making the honor roll would be miraculous. But I was motivated. Who wouldn’t be? Read More
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