A Reason for the Lack of Discipleship in Church: Unknown Destination

Determine Where you’re heading and How you will get there. It seems like everyone is talking about discipleship today. Pastors are preaching about it, conferences are devoted to it, and church members are interested in it. What is my response to the recent interest in making disciples? Honestly, I have mixed emotions.  On the one hand, the dialogue that is taking place thrills me. For the first time, people, particularly ministers, aren’t looking at me with a confused look on their faces as I speak of our mandate to make disciples. On the other hand, the dialogue taking place scares me. My concern is that discipleship will become a fad like the Z Cavaricci’s of the 80’s or the fanny packs of the 90’s (aren’t you glad those are gone). So what steps can be taken to hedge against discipleship becoming another 40 day study or the program du jour? Read More
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Making Disciples in a McChristian Culture

We live in an “I want it NOW!” society. Yet rarely can you actually get anything immediately and instantaneously. Amazon came up with a solution to this dilemma in 2005 when they implemented a two-day shipping option for a minimal yearly fee. Though the two-day wait is still not immediate, it’s better than waiting a week. And for many people, it’s a small price to pay to avoid leaving the comfort of your home, searching through endless store aisles, and standing in long lines to obtain that irresistible item on your “got-to-have-it list.” Read More
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