Discipleship Group Formation

Growing Up Challenge: An Invitation With Eternal Implications

As I mentioned on Friday, we want you to "Get in the Game" in 2014.  Learn how to get started by watching my sermon from Sunday. Why are we looking at the calling of the disciples in a series about making disciples? Before you can make disciples, you must be a disciple. It’s fitting that we begin with the process and the participants of Jesus’ discipleship group. My goal over the next 3 weeks is to build a case both Scripturally and experientially for you to get involved in a discipleship group. I believe the greatest resolution you can make this new year is to be involved in a discipleship group. Read More
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A Model for Making Disciples that WORKS (Hint: Size Matters)

More books and conferences under the banner of disciple-making are available now than ever before. As a result, believers are contemplating the implications of the Great Commission for their lives. With a better understanding of discipleship come questions of how to replicate the process. One important facet is how many people should be discipled together. The size of your discipleship group should be considered before approaching potential group members. I have found that the most effective discipleship groups, what we call D-Groups, are gender-exclusive. Men should meet with men, and women should meet with women. Some topics and personal problems should not be discussed in a mixed group. While it is wonderful for couples to study God’s Word and grow spiritually together, the crucial dynamic of a D-Group is compromised when couples are involved, particularly in the areas of transparency and accountability. Read More
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