Making Disciples

Making Disciples in a McChristian Culture

We live in an “I want it NOW!” society. Yet rarely can you actually get anything immediately and instantaneously. Amazon came up with a solution to this dilemma in 2005 when they implemented a two-day shipping option for a minimal yearly fee. Though the two-day wait is still not immediate, it’s better than waiting a week. And for many people, it’s a small price to pay to avoid leaving the comfort of your home, searching through endless store aisles, and standing in long lines to obtain that irresistible item on your “got-to-have-it list.” Read More
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I Know What Faith is…Right?

Guest Post by Paul Laso If someone were to pole 10 people on defining the term discipleship you will be hard-pressed to get the same definition. In fact, you might leave more confused. I have noticed, over the years, the same thing with the term faith. A word often spoken about in Christian circles everywhere. Faith, however, is a word that can be one of the most difficult to define for many Believers. Greg Gilbert affirms this when he says, “Faith is one of those words that’s been misused for so long that most people have no idea what it really means. Ask someone on the street to describe faith, and while you might get some respectful-sounding words, the heart of the matter will most likely be that faith is belief in the ridiculous against all evidence.” To be fair to those who are outside of the faith they shouldn’t have to provide an exact definition of faith (much less a Biblical one). We as Believers know far too well that our faith isn’t belief in the ridiculous, yet why do we struggle so much to define what is such a cornerstone to our faith? Read More
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