Free Download of Chapter 1 for Here and Now: Thriving in the Kingdom of Heaven Today

Pastor Robby’s new book was released on Friday, and we’ve been blown away by the response. We’ve seen a lot of pictures on social media where people purchased a copy from their local bookstore or ordered online. Our prayer is that every Christian will read and benefit from the book. Evangelist and Author Matt Brown said after reading the book:
“My mind is blown reading Robby Gallaty’s “Here And Now”. I can’t grasp how one pastor can understand so much about God’s Word. It speaks to the fact that God has done an amazing work in his life, and placed an enormous amount of wisdom in his mind for the building up of the Body of Christ. This is a groundbreaking book on the Kingdom of God. I’ve truly never read anything like it.”
We believe that after you read chapter one, you’ll want to read the rest of the book. So we’re offering a challenge. We are so confident you’ll love it and want to read the entire book, that if you don’t, we will send you a FREE* copy of the book. Ready to take the Here and Now challenge?

Click here to read the first chapter. If you don’t love it, email us ( with your mailing address.

*Limited copies are available. Only to the continental US. [mybooktable book=”here-and-now-thriving-in-the-kingdom-of-heaven-today” display=”default” buybutton_shadowbox=”false”]