Discipleship is without question, one of the biggest buzzwords in Christian circles today. Everyone is talking about how to transform their ministries into effective disciple-making ministries, but there is always the question of how. Unfortunately, what many churches have called discipleship, simply isn’t effective. We are fighting against a culture that is moving at the speed of light, and people that are caught in the whirlwind of that culture, but discipleship is not a new thing. What I’ve found helpful to me sometimes is a track to run on. Not that there is only 1 acceptable method to make disciples, but having a plan for how you will pass down the truths of scripture is important. Closer, by Robby Gallaty, does just that. He has developed a simple process identified by the acronym CLOSER:







Robby has used this method as a guide for countless discipleship groups and now the method has been customized for a middle school and high school audience. As you lead your students through this method, they will not only grow closer to the Lord, but they will also begin to learn what it looks like to make a disciple. This is the goal! We want to make disciples that make disciples. With this plan, students will easily be able to replicate the process they are lead through, as they lead others closer to the throne of God.

You can purchase the study at Lifeway.

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