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Three courses that help people know, name, and live their God-given calling.

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Few know how their story, passions, and abilities fit into God’s bigger story.

Does your congregation have…

Leaders who don’t know how to use their unique experiences and gifts to invest in others?

Members who don’t know how to make a difference in their workplace or community?

People who are discouraged because they don’t feel like they have anything valuable to give to others?

Can your church help them?

That’s why we created DiscipleStory—a process for churches to help people connect their story to God’s.

Help people know, name, and live their extraordinary calling.

DiscipleStory delivers three interlocking, customizable courses, powered by the Younique life design process.

For Your Core Team

Your staff and leaders will work through a Gospel-Centered life design that will help you name your personal calling and create a LifePlan around it. Additionally, we help you design two additional DiscipleStory courses for your church: MyDesign & MyImpact. These courses help you guide your congregation to activate their calling in group and class environments. 


MyLifePlan is a three-day process that is normally led by a team of Replicate Navigators with your staff and church leaders. Your Navigators will coach you to get life-altering breakthrough for your life and help you create a one-of-a-kind plan to live into the story God created you to live. When you finish, you will be able to name the one thing you MUST do with your life.

Day 1: INVESTIGATE – On Day 1, your Navigator helps you investigate your story, passions, and abilities to name your personal calling in just two words.

Day 2: INSCRIBE – On Day 2, your Navigator helps you name and design a Life Plan around your personal calling that helps you fully live out your God-given calling. You will develop a personal mission statement, core values, 3-year vision and more.

Day 3: IMPLEMENT – On Day 3, we help you create a plan that moves your LifePlan from words on a paper to impact in your life.

After the process is complete, our Replicate Navigators work with your staff select and integrate your favorites exercises from MyLifePlan into your church’s ministries. Some of the most common ways churches use these exercises are in Discipleship Groups, class settings, and Small Groups.

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For Your Congregation or Community

We help you design a six-week course that your staff and leaders can facilitate to help people interpret their story, passions, and abilities to name their personal calling—the unique way they honor God and make disciples. This course works great in both classroom & group settings.


MyDesign is a six-week customizable course that helps your people name their two words (personal calling). This course is able to be used in a class setting, in small groups, and in D-Groups.

Session 1 – Introduction: Understand the Biblical Foundation for naming and living your personal calling.

Session 2 – My Story: Reflect and interpret your story to determine what your experiences have prepared you for.

Session 3 – My Passions: Identify what passions fuel you the most and how you can use them to make disciples.

Session 4 – My Abilities: Learn what abilities you have been given and how you can concentrate them for kingdom impact.

Session 5 – My Calling: Name your God-given calling in just two words.

Session 6 – My Next Step: Create a next step plan to put your calling into action.

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For Disciple-Makers at All Levels

We help you design a four-week course that your staff and leaders can facilitate to guide your people to create a personalized Leadership Plan that activates them to make disciples in the only way they can.


MyImpact is a four-week course the helps people step into leadership responsibility that is driven by their personal calling. Whether it is starting a D-Group, becoming a Student Group Leader, or starting a ministry in the community, this course will help you empower your people to make a kingdom impact in the only way they can.

This four week course works great in a class format, small group structure, or Discipleship Groups.

Session 1 – Introduction: Understand God’s call for each person to make disciples where they live, work, and play.

Session 2 – My Purpose & Potential: Learn what value you bring as a leader and choose whom you should invest in.

Session 3 – Their Priority & Potential: Identify what your people think will improve their life and the spiritual potential you see for them.

Session 4 – Our Plan: Develop your customized plan that will best reach your people.

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Your Replicate Navigators

We are pastor-practitioners who saw how God had infused our churches with a holy assortment of people. Each came with a unique combination of story, passions, and giftings.

As their pastors, we wanted to inspire them to live Great Commission lives rooted in their God-given individuality. They would come to us for advice, but we felt we didn’t have the right tools to help them.

That’s why we created DiscipleStory.
Powered by Younique‘s life design toolkit, DiscipleStory folds into your church context and disciple-making plan. As we’ve used it in our churches—and helped others incorporate it into theirs—we’ve watched disciples move toward greater life clarity and Kingdom effectiveness.
And we’ve seen disciple-making movements flourish like never before.

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Churches that implement DiscipleStory experience:

Leaders operating with greater depth, personality, and joy

Higher levels of joy and impact from leaders as they make disciples

More disciples living the Great Commission in their workplace and neighborhoods

Heightened efficiency and effectiveness among church staff teams

One of my primary longings in life has been to fulfill all that God has created for me to accomplish for His glory. DiscipleStory provided a rare opportunity to step back and prayerfully work through a proven process of discerning God’s calling on my life. The result was greater clarity and understanding of what it looks like for me to be more intentional in living out my purpose moving forward.

DiscipleStory Process

Todd Smeltzer
Grow + Discipleship Pastor, Jersey Baptist Church, New Albany, OH
After doing DiscipleStory, I realized that God gives me a personal calling, considering how He’s made me with my specific strengths and weaknesses and personality and passion.
Ashley Ludwig
Executive Assistant of Operations, New Beginnings Baptist Church, TX
I would highly encourage anybody to go through this process just because of the simple fact that it will help you truly understand who you are and who God has called you to be.
Creed Spenrath
Minister of Students- Junior High, New Beginnings Baptist Church, TX
This helped me identify exactly what my calling was and what my giftings are so that I can serve God to the best of my abilities and those around me in the church.
Caroline Lowe
Ministry Associate Students, New Beginnings Baptist Church, TX
Just going through that whole disciple story process of writing out my story and then looking at how the how impactful those hinge moments were really helped me look back at the past and look at the the way God has used all of those things to shape me into the person that I am today.
Daniel Norris
Pastor of Multiplication, New Beginnings Baptist Church, TX

Churches We’ve Partnered With

How It Works

Your team will learn how to use the DiscipleStory toolkit by discovering their personal calling and creating their LifePlan around it.
Our team will help you integrate the DiscipleStory process into your groups and classes. 
Your team will be fully trained and have a plan to facilitate the DiscipleStory toolkit at your church.

About DiscipleStory

Most people don’t see how their stories, passions, and abilities connect to the bigger story God’s telling in the world.

DiscipleStory provides churches with customizable life clarity and design processes for everyday believers. With DiscipleStory, you’ll help more people connect God’s story with theirs and live on His mission in the way only they can.

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Connecting your story with God’s.
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