How Do I Form a Discipleship Group? Part 1

Whenever I speak on Discipleship, some of the questions people ask are: How do I form a Discipleship Group? Where do I find people to meet with? How do I make Disciples? In this Episode, I explain why Organic formation is preferred over a Match-making strategy.
  • Discipleship is not Program driven—But People Driven.
Unfortunately, some see discipleship disconnected from the local church. In his Article, Discipleship in the Church, A. Boyd Luter, Jr. addressed the misconceptions of many about what “discipleship” means: “Many Christian workers view discipleship as an activity that is to take place apart from the local church and that has little relationship to the church’s major purpose.”
  • Remember, We don’t go to Church, We are the Church.
So Discipleship should be a Way of Life. And the Focus on every Church should be on Making Disciples, not building the Church. Discipleship is a way of life. Mike Breen, in Building a Discipling Culture, wrote, “If you make disciples, you always get the Church. But if you make a Church, you rarely get disciples.” So you are still wondering, How Do I Make Disciples? The first step is to begin with the end in mind. Determine what a disciple is and come up with a Plan on How to follow through with Making disciples. Stay Tuned later this week for PART 2. How did Your Group Form? Was it from relationships you previously fostered? Or were you matched up?