In this episode, J.D. Greear joins Chris and Robby to discuss the future of the Southern Baptist Convention, church planting, equipping people, and more.

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The Summit Church
J. D. Greear Elected Youngest Southern Baptist President in Decades

00:00: Introductions
02:00: The Summit Church Strategy
03:15: Interview with Interns
04:05: Church planting done right takes care of discipleship
05:30: To call to be sent is instilled early
06:30: Reproducing small groups
06:50: Discipleship aimed just at education isn’t discipleship
07:40: Disciplemaking Task Force
09:40: It’s more than just making converts
11:00: The job doesn’t stop at evangelism
12:00: Healthy ministries grow deep and wide at the same time
14:00: Discipleship is informal
16:00: Plan A is the local church
17:00: We don’t need a new grand system
17:30: Community context
19:40: Baptism is the starting line

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