You’ve created a Discipleship Pathway, launched Discipleship Groups, and created a discipleship culture in your church…now what??

Next year we are excited to introduce a brand new training experience, the Discipleship Blueprint 2.0! We’ve heard from many of you that have been through the Discipleship Blueprint and found that you are coming across some of the same challenges we have experienced. Some common challenges we have heard are things like getting people to multiply once they’ve been meeting for a while, keeping the disciplemaking momentum going long term, training up new group leaders, and motivating people to be active in evangelism. We want to address each of these and more at the Discipleship Blueprint 2.0, which includes the following sessions:

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Sustain a Disciplemaking Movement
  • The One Thing You Shouldn’t Outsource
  • Developing Transformational Group Leaders
  • Moving from Meeting to Multiplying
  • Mobilizing Disciples to Engage the Lost
  • Connecting with Millennials in a Disconnected Age
  • Staying Fresh and Finishing Well

Discipleship Blueprint 2.0 will be held at Long Hollow Baptist Church on March 5, 2020. If you sign up now, you will be able to attend for the early bird price of just $169 (the price jumps to $199 on January 1). You can find more details and reserve your spot at

We’re looking forward to helping the discipleship movement at your church reach the next level!

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