Discipleship Blueprint for March Has a Few Spots Left

Discipleship-Blueprint-WufooA few weeks ago, we announced that the March Discipleship Blueprint was full. Since then, we’ve had a TON of responses from folks who wanted to come, but hadn’t gotten around to registering. As a result, we’ve opened up a few more spots. Click here to register. Discipleship blueprint is a weekend experience that allows you to spend time in the context of a local church actively engaging in discipleship. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time with staff as well as walk alongside members as you:
  • Learn how to plan, formulate, and develop a disciple-making culture in your church and its ministries (missions, women and men).
  • Study Jesus’ and other historical models for making disciples.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for raising up leaders in your church.
  • Learn how to navigate issues that arise in your D-Groups.
  • Participate in a D-Group led by an experience disciple-maker.
  • Consider principles and strategies for starting D-Groups and multiplying mature believers in your context when you return.
If you are thinking about coming, you need to register TODAY. Don’t miss it!