Dropouts and Disciples

Ed Stetzer:
Dropout doesn’t have to be a key word. We can replace it with something far better. When teenagers see an active, practiced faith in their parents and other positive examples at church, they will stop being dropouts and start being disciples. 1. Disciple, disciple, disciple. If your student ministry is a four-year holding tank with pizza, don’t expect young adults to stick around. If, however, they see biblical teaching as relevant and see the church as essential to their decisions, they stay.
We’ve tried to make church “easy” and people can come and go as they see fit. Where is that found in the New Testament Church? I’m not saying that kids can’t have fun at church events, but we’ve got to make Biblical teaching and discipleship a core focus of our youth ministries. You can have pizza, but just make sure it’s not 90% pizza and 10% Biblical foundations.