Firmly Planted Launch Team

  Firmly Planted Book Cover Mockup v3 Subtitle I need your help. Part of spreading our discipleship message is engaging with folks around our social networks. Your Twitter and Facebook accounts can help reach a lot of people. As we’re approaching the release of Firmly Planted, I’m going to create a Launch Team that can help us spread the message early and often. In appreciation for your support, we are going to give you some awesome free stuff. As a member of the Launch Team, you will receive: – Free digital version of the book (Kindle, iBooks, PDF) 2 months prior to release of the book – Access to a private discipleship Facebook group – Link to your blog, Twitter, and Facebook account on the Replicate Ministries website. As a member of the Launch Team you agree to:
  1. Write a brief book review on Amazon as soon as you finish the book (must be prior to the release date)
  2. Help spread the word about the book to your existing social network prior to to the release
  3. Share the book with your Pastor, Sunday School director, or other church staff
We will select 100 people in a random drawing. Do you think you can help? For new books, pre-orders are extremely important. Book sales are largely how we fund the ministry, so the pre-order period is one of the biggest weeks of the year. This is why you are vitally important to the success of the book. So, can I count on you to help? Apply here.