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I have had to ask only 3 people to leave my D-Group in the past 10 years. Here are the reasons:

  1. Uncommitted

Additionally, laziness will breed complacency in the group. Missing meetings, excuses for not memorizing Scripture, failing to log H.E.A.R. entries, or sitting uninterested during discussion times lowers the morale of the others in the group. You have heard that a Bad Apple will spoil the bunch. Well, the same applies in discipleship.

This type of behavior must be addressed immediately. Meet with this individual privately to inquire about his/her attitude and actions. Remind him or her of the commitment made at the outset of the discipleship relationship. It’s important to be long suffering with immature or undiscipled believers; however, you should not allow laziness to fester for long.

(Here is another reason for having group members sign a covenant at the outset of the group.)

  1.  Unteachable

Another reason for dismissal from the d-group is that a person doesn’t possess a teachable spirit. Teachability—two other qualities are faithfulness and availability—is an indispensable quality for growth. In one situation, I asked an individual to leave the group because he monopolized the discussion week after week. It was obvious he wanted to demonstrate his knowledge of the Word, rather than learn from interacting with others.

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Have you ever asked someone to leave your discipleship group? 

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