God Calls For Spiritual Leaders, So Where Are They?

479704463Ed Stetzer:
When we look at discipleship, we see some challenges in the church today, particularly in the Western world. But we do see some bright spots across the globe. Throughout history, and around the world today, disciples are made by leaders who make a goal of spiritual maturity, provide a clear path of spiritual transformation for their people, and get involved in the lives of those whom they serve. Most importantly, they are aware of their own need to grow deeper in Christ.
Ed makes a great point with this article. The Church is often viewed through the lens of business principals
  1. Do we have more people coming to worship now than last year?
  2. Is the budget growing?
How about we change the conversation to things about discipleship?
  1. How many of your church members are memorizing scripture?
  2. How many of your members are discipling others people?