In this episode, Robby and Chris discuss how to get senior leaders at your church to buy into discipleship and disciplemaking.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Discipleship is the answer to our evangelism problem.
  • What has to happen for discipleship to take root.
  • Why learners are leaders.
  • Why a church can be an “addition” church, but not be a multiplying church.

Shareable Quotes (#MakingDisciplesPodcast):

  • “What got us where we are today is not going to lead us where we want to go tomorrow.” – @rgallaty
  • “We want you to onboard a new operating system to your hard drive.” – @rgallaty
  • “The first step is for pastors to repent for not making disciples.” – @rgallaty
  • “You have to audit your processes to see if they are encouraging disciplemaking.” – @rgallaty
  • “The replication church grows by equipping and then sending.” – @rgallaty
  • “If you aren’t investing in people, pray for a season of time for God to send you people.” – @rgallaty

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