How Do I Form a Discipleship Group? # 2

If you missed Episode 1 of Group Formation, Click Here. 

At Brainerd Baptist Church, the church I pastor, we implemented a 3-fold strategy for exponential growth:
  • Large Group Gathering on Sunday
  • Small Group/Sunday School gathering
  • Discipleship Groups of 3 to 5 called D-Groups (For more information on Group Size check out Discipleship U)
Life transformation happens in an intimate, accountable relationships. As our Church grows larger, we must continually go smaller. Sunday school/Small Groups are the fishing ponds for potential D-Group participants. I learned through my first D-group that diversity is beneficial. Who do You know that would be interested in meeting for 12 to 18 months to study the bible, memorize scripture, pray, and hold others accountable? What names comes to mind now?