In this episode, Chris and Robby continue the discussion about sustaining a discipleship launch at your church.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to capitalize on new beginnings in January.
  • Why we live in the “3rd” culture.
  • Our evangelism techniques have to evolve.
  • Why pastors need a dedicated quiet time, but also need to be held accountable by a discipleship group.

Shareable Quotes (#MakingDisciplesPodcast):

  • “Our culture is dying for authenticity” – @rgallaty
  • “The Christian life isn’t an app, it’s a process” – @rgallaty
  • “Discipleship is the missing element for us to make an impact in the culture today” – @rgallaty
  • “If we let this culture continue on its current path, we’re going to have a bunch of people with a lot of apps on their phones with no satisfaction.” – @rgallaty 

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