How Pastors Can Use Podcasts in Their Ministry

How Pastors Can Use Podcasts in Their Ministry

COVID–19 has shifted a lot of our ministry schedules over the past few weeks, and instead of complaining about the forced changes, church leaders should view this time as an opportunity to rethink some of the ways they used to deliver teaching and training. One of the technologies that have been growing in popularity is podcasting. Apple and Google both include apps on their phones that make it easy (and free) to subscribe to millions of podcasts, and Spotify has a built-in directory. Since podcasts are available on-demand, it makes it convenient for church members regardless of their work schedule. If you need help setting up a show, check out Simplecast. While there are many options for microphones and other audio gear, all you need is a pair of AirPods, iPhone wired headphones, etc. to get started. How can church leaders leverage podcasting to impact their church? Let’s examine.

Recreate Sunday nights

Most churches have canceled Sunday night services over the past decade, and a Sunday night podcast might be an option to bring it back. Rather than writing and preaching an entirely separate service, pastors could record a secondary discussion with answers questions that have been submitted from the services earlier in the day. It could be something that life groups listen to on the way to their gatherings and discuss further once they get together

Life group leader training

Another option would be for a Discipleship pastor to leverage the technology in the training of life group leaders. Instead of asking people to meet in person (and they can’t at the moment), a life group leader podcast is a perfect way to communicate helpful information to your leaders. Replicate Ministries has a Life Group Leader podcast that can give you some useful ideas on how to structure the show.

Weekly church news

Although church members are used to getting a weekly bulletin as they come into the worship gathering, what if the latest information was shared as a weekly podcast that was released on Saturday ahead of the weekly worship gathers (either virtual or in-person). It would allow members to know what is going on at your church before they enter the building. What other ideas do you have for using podcasts in a ministry setting? Let us know on Twitter @ReplicateMin.