How to Bring Closure to a Discipleship Huddle

Rick Duncan:
At the end of the last Harry Potter film, we see Harry and his friends sending off their own children to school to Hogwarts where their adventures had begun so long ago. In a sense, the ending was a kind of beginning. New adventures would be on the way. And so it is with discipleship. The end of a discipling relationship is really a beginning. God has greater things that are yet to be done in, through, with, for, and by each person. We will still be spiritual friends. We will still be serving together. We will still get together from time to time for coffee or lunch, for check-ups and tune-ups. We will still pray for one another, email one another, call one another, text one another. We will not forget our time spent together in helping to shape each other’s lives spiritually. The point of discipleship is to prepare one another for new opportunities and challenges. At the end of your discipleship huddle, you want each member looking at the others and saying, “That’s a satisfying ending… and the beginning of our many new adventures for Christ.”
As Rick said, the end of a group is the beginning of a new group. Don’t think of it as an ending, but rather bringing new people into your D-Group family tree. As the years go by, that family tree can get quite large. It’s always fun to think back to the first group and realize that it all began with something simple.