Last week we reminded ourselves that replication is an absolutely critical piece of discipleship. Let’s talk about how to make that happen practically. In order to reproduce your discipleship group, we have to be diligent in evangelism.


For some reason, discipleship and evangelism are often pitted against each other. That is unnecessary and unfortunate. Discipleship and evangelism are teammates wearing the same Disciplemaking jersey! You simply can’t have one without the other. They work together to make each other better. The more we evangelize, the more people we have to disciple. And the more we disciple, the more people are equipped to evangelize.


That all sounds great, but when it comes down to it people typically don’t talk to others about Jesus no matter how much they want to or think they should. Your discipleship group is the perfect place to get people over the hump and inviting their peers into a growing relationship with Jesus.


Set the Example

You can’t expect of others what you are not emulating yourself. If you’re not planning to share the gospel yourself then don’t be surprised when your group members don’t either! You be the one that gets the ball rolling. The people in your group will find confidence and boldness when they see their leader paving the way.


Pick One

Following the “Who’s Your One?” mindset, have everyone in your group think of one person in their sphere of influence that they can invest in with the goal of sharing the Gospel. Everybody can think of one. Log those names in your notebooks or on a whiteboard where you meet. Pray for them every week when you get together. Text each other when you’re about to have an interaction with that person. Keep those names at the forefront of everyone’s minds and the top of your prayer lists.


Follow Up

This needs to be part of your conversation weekly. Ask everyone for an update on how things are going with their one. It is really helpful to give a goal date for sharing the gospel with their one too. Setting a goal date gives urgency to our evangelism. If we actually believe this is an eternal matter then we need to step on it!



Now for the really fun part! Whenever someone has that spiritual conversation with their one, get excited!! We need to celebrate for a couple of reasons. One, because a new person has heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we celebrate whether or not they have accepted it yet. It’s our job to bring people to a point of decision and we leave the results up to God. Two, we celebrate so that evangelism is reinforced in your group members! That is a huge hurdle for someone to get over especially if they have never done it before. So, make sure you acknowledge them and let them know how proud you are or the step of growth they have taken.


When your groups prioritize evangelism together the impact is going to be multiplied exponentially as you each gain more and more confidence and embrace sharing the Gospel as a regular part of the Christian life. Everybody find your one and let’s go!


Help your group embrace evangelism from the beginning by walking them through the D-Group Starter Guide! This resource will help you prioritize evangelism so that you can celebrate all God does throughout your time together.


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