If We Are The Church, Where Are The Disciples?

Vincent Funaro:
“We’re not getting discipled, we’re [learning how to use 3DM’s tools],” said Vincent Gressi from Oasis Christian Center in New York City in regards to his experience with the material. “I’ve been discipled, now I should be discipling someone else. [3DM created tools], not a system [to make this possible].”
and later
In Matthew 28, Jesus tells his followers to make disciples. To Pfeiffer, this is no different than God telling Adam to be fruitful and multiply in Genesis. “God said to multiply to represent him, Jesus came to return and restore us to an old thing,” he said claiming that this is what discipleship is all about.  
This is the question tat has driven my ministry. It’s also why I wrote Growing Up. As Christians, making disciples is our mission.