Is the Church Missing the Boat When it Comes to Discipleship?

Craig Caster:179230782
Many Christians view discipleship as a class for new believers to learn the foundational doctrines of the faith. True discipleship is not simply learning biblical truths, but becoming a student of Jesus, having the will to obey Him in all areas of our life, including in our family. Though many evangelical churches embrace the Great Commission, the condition of families within the body of Christ reflects the reality that few Christians have been adequately trained or discipled in marriage or parenting. Today the divorce rate within the church is out of proportion to His Word, power and promises. Children from Christian homes are using drugs and abusing alcohol, having sex and committing crimes almost as much as their secular counterparts. It has become difficult to differentiate the non-church kids from those who profess to believe. Statistics tell us that over 65 percent of children being raised in Christian homes — and that have spent over 10 years in some kind of church youth group — are walking away from their faith after leaving their homes at the age of 18. Rebellion and disrespect toward parents and authority is now considered common adolescent behavior, even in the church. It’s not an exaggeration to say that “the family” is in serious trouble.
It’s amazing how many problems in the modern Church are a result of a lack of discipleship.