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Every year our team joins thousands of other leaders at the annual Southern Baptist Convention. Being a part of this convention allows us to partner with churches to mobilize missionaries around the world through cooperative giving. If you are attending this convention, you can swing by our booth and grab a free Make Disciples t-shirt while they last! (Sorry we cannot provide shirts for those not at the event.) But even if you aren’t attending or even a part of the SBC, we are launching a special this week on our Disciplemaking Jumpstart. The Jumpstart is a way to let us walk with you through initiating the disciplemaking process in your church. Included are two of our most popular and practical training sessions: Creating a Disciplemaking Culture and The DNA of a Healthy Discipleship Group. These hour-long sessions teach you the basics for launching groups in your church or ministry.

Additionally, you will receive a 30-day Healthy Church Challenge. The challenge provides a daily email with action steps and training for implementation along with weekly training videos with Pastor Robby. Finally, you’ll get a copy of the MARCS of a Disciple and our most popular tool for assessing the effectiveness of your spiritual growth processes: the MARCS Assessment.

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We are excited about how we get to partner with organizations like the SBC to mobilize missionaries globally. But how does your church mobilize people to be missional right where they are? One of the signs of a healthy church is how missional the people are. How is your church or ministry doing when it comes to mobilizing your people? The challenge with mobilization is multi-faceted. Questions immediately arise such as: What are we mobilizing people for? What will we ask our people to do? What does to mean to be missional? And, how can we be sure we are as effective as possible with our mobilization.

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At Replicate, one of our key goals is to help the local church make disciples who make disciplemakers. It is our experience that as disciples are made, mobilization is more effective. Why? Because when people engage with God’s Word and then held accountable, they are far more likely to live it out. Practically, this means that people in discipleship groups will be more likely to live on mission as the group holds them accountable to do what they know they should do. This may seem overly simplistic, but our results have shown it to be the secret to effective mobilization.

Think about your current context and what may be keeping people from living on mission. Your role as a leader is to equip the saints. That equipping should lead to action as you mobilize your people to live on mission. Often this mobilization is sparked from an event that you or your missions department facilitates. But what if you didn’t have to rely on your programming as the only means to consistent mobilization? That’s where discipleship groups come in to play. You are being taught, challenged, and held accountable to living on mission every day. In these weekly meetings, you can engage with peers and encourage them and celebrate with them. This is why we feel so strongly about the discipleship group model. You create an environment where all of these things can happen and not just happen but move at an exponential rate. What can take years in individualized training and one-on-one meetings and ministry endeavors, takes place at an expedited speed without losing any of the experience that might come with time. In reality, the experience of the discipleship group creates an environment that is highly conducive to living out what is learned as accountability and multiplication drive the process.

When it comes to mobilizing your people, it doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to happen. A healthy church is mobilized to live mission. Pray about and think through some ways you can work toward more mobilization in your church or ministry. And if you need more help, don’t forget to grab the Disciplemaking Jumpstart this week at our exclusive 20% off rate at

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