Last time we talked about the Replicate collective and the gathering of guys we had here; pastors and leaders from all over the country We teased last time that we were going to share the talk that Robby shared with The Collective, and a story from someone that was impacted at the event. Robby shared a talk on how to keep the fire burning, how to keep their passion for ministry going in the days of covid, economic turmoil, political infighting, etc. In order to have a sacred place to meet with God, you have to have a specific place.

Time Stamps

  • 00:00: The Replicate Collective Live Event
  • 01:40: Keeping the Fire Burning in Ministry
  • 02:20: Daily Routines
  • 03:00: Habits
  • 11:20: How God Teaches Us Faithfulness
  • 13:00: Ladder Climbing in Ministry
  • 20:00: A Practice of Daily Silence