#9 Making Disciples, Not Visitors

#9 Making Disciples, Not Visitors

This week, we talk about how having a process for spiritual growth is key to having a healthy church.

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00:00 Making Disciples, Not Visitors
02:20 Do you have a spiritual process for maturing believers in your church?
03:40 The non-Discipleship Gospel
05:30 Jesus told his disciples to teach them to obey
07:00 We’ve left people to figure out Christianity on their own
09:00 We often compartmentalize our Christian lives
10:25 How are you mobilizing your people?
11:05 Three subtle shifts you can make
13:00 Consumerism to Co-Worker
14:35 Mr. Jimmy Story
17:40: Ministry is the pathway to maturity
18:40: Begin with the end in mind

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