Top Three Reasons to Have Your Quiet Time in the Morning

Top Three Reasons to Have Your Quiet Time in the Morning

For something so simple, we make our time with God one of the most complicated things we do. Just as we don’t fret about how much time to talk to our spouse, children, or friends, we make spending time with our Lord so much more complicated than is it. Is it best to have a morning quiet time? Our only tip for you is that if possible, do it first thing in the morning. While you can do it anytime, doing it, first thing sets a firm foundation for the day. Here are three reasons a “morning quiet time” is the best time to have a daily devotion.

You’re showing it’s a priority

When you focus on starting the day with a time of scripture reading, journaling, and prayer, you are indicating that it’s the number one priority in your life. Instead of spending fifteen minutes scrolling social media feeds, get up, and get on your knees. If you have kids, you’ll be showing them that spending time with God is a priority in your life. Wouldn’t it be great if one of their critical memories of you is seeing you praying for them as they got ready for school?

You’re eliminating excuses

While a night-time quiet time is possible, it’s a lot easier to let the stress of the day get in your way. A morning quiet time is the best time to have a daily devotion because you start the day grounded in God’s Word and refreshed by prayer. If you try to focus on a quiet time before bed, it’ll be very easy to skip it when you get home late, have a stressful day, etc.

Foundation for the day

Our lives can be stressful, and we need a firm foundation to stay grounded. By starting your morning with God, you will have the peace of God on your mind as you get your kids out the door for school, head to important meetings, take family members to the doctor, etc. Spending time with God first thing in the morning will give you a solid direction for the day.

Wrap up on morning quiet time

We’ve gone over three reasons why morning time is the best time for a daily devotion. One of our main goals here at Replicate is to get every church member reading the Bible, praying, and memorizing scripture. By starting your day doing that, you’re eliminating any excuse for not doing it. If you need a free Bible reading plan, we be sure to check out our free Bible reading plans (New and Old Testament / New Testament only) [mybooktable book=”foundations-a-260-day-bible-reading-plan-for-busy-believers-journal” display=”default” buybutton_shadowbox=”false”] Photo by Ben White on Unsplash