My Favorite Devotional

Along with the new year comes all types of new and improved resolutions, among those—reading the Bible every day. Among recommendations from stores, fitness gyms, and dietary experts—the last few weeks of December have filled my home pages with ads for all types of plans and devotionals, available from every ministry and Christian publisher I can think of.  It’s great to have choices and I’m glad these resources are available! But, I’ve been reminded of something in the past year or so—God can speak directly to my heart as I read His Word, providing a custom-made devotion just for me!  How cool is that? A plan I’ve enjoyed using since last year is the F260 Bible Plan. It doesn’t take much time at all, usually covering a few chapters each day. Many times, I like to pull up this reading plan on my YouVersion phone app, close my eyes, and then listen to the audio play of the Scriptures for the day. This is especially fun while going through picturesque stories throughout the Bible such as the creation of the world, David’s encounters with King Saul, the ministry years of Jesus and His disciples, and so many others! I also love the journaling tool on this app. As God speaks through the Scripture reading, I can make note of it on the journaling pad—and even share it with friends who are reading through the same plan. Normally, I do my reading and journaling in the morning before work. And then, in the evening my family sits down together for a few minutes to share together about our Bible reading for the day and a prayer time. So many times, God uses my daily reading from the F260 to apply directly with things going on in my life or with our extended family. His Word truly is alive! This is the reason I now prefer this method over purchasing more devotion booklets each year. Again, there’s nothing wrong with devotionals. But for me, it’s really exciting to experience God’s Word speaking loud and clear to my heart as I listen for Him to make His ways known to me through Scripture and prayer time each day. Can you do me a favor? If these ideas resonate with you, would you:   • REACT. Do something.   • RESPOND. Leave a comment on this post.   • REPOST. Repost this link on Twitter, Facebook or your blog.