On Disciples and Disciple-Making

Brad Hoffmann
We’re called to be disciples. Disciples are learners, pupils and apprentices. We’re students of Jesus and not just for head knowledge but also for life’s practice. And as a disciple, I’m commissioned to make other disciples. Read Matthew 28:18-20. There’s an obligation to disciple-making. What does that mean? It means I’m to make more students, learners, pupils and apprentices. I’m not making mini-mes, but I’m to make Christ followers.
Amen. Discipleship isn’t for the super Christians. Discipleship is for ALL Christians. Christians are commanded by Jesus in Matthew to make disciples as you go through life. The Great Commission isn’t a call for all of us to be overseas missionaries, but a call to make disciples (who make disciples) all the days of your life.  It’s for teenagers, young adults, and senior adults.  Get started on the journey today by going through the Growing Up Challenge.