One Easy Way to Maximize This Easter Weekend

One Easy Way to Maximize This Easter Weekend

This Wednesday at 2pm CDT Pastor Robby Gallaty will be presenting a free Webinar. This special training will focus on three common lies we need to overcome to grow a healthy church. Every year, churches have the opportunity to engage new visitors and reconnect inconsistent members. But three lies we believe about our churches can derail the potential opportunities.

Lie #1: To grow church attendance we should focus on big events, more programs, and appealing to those who are not attending.

Lie #2: If my church focuses on discipleship, our evangelism will suffer.

Lie #3: We can’t ask our people to do more because they are too busy and tapped out already.

Pastor Robby will reveal three key secrets that have helped him overcome these lies in multiple church contexts. Take a moment and sign up for the webinar here so you can secure your spot. This investment is one easy way you can maximize this Easter weekend and be prepared to increase attendance, giving, and serving in your church without losing people or changing everything. Reserve Your Spot