Launching your Discipleship Pathway

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Formerly known as The Cohort, Launching Your Discipleship Pathway Master Class provides contextualized training to help you create a Discipleship Pathway that is unique to your church.

In this class, Robby Gallaty will be your personal coach to help you assess your current disciplemaking culture and strategy, design a strategy you are proud of, and give you practical training to help you strengthen each step of your pathway.

The Master Class includes over ten hours of content and thirty-five exercises for your team to do together to help you create your church’s one of a kind discipleship pathway.


Assess Your Disciplemaking Culture
The first step in creating your Discipleship Pathway is to assess your current culture. These videos and exercises will help your team understand your context and identify the invisible walls that stop most churches’ disciplemaking movements before they get started.
Assess Your Disciplemaking Strategy
This session will help you evaluate your current strategy and help your team identify what is needed to create a disciplemaking strategy that you are proud of.
Design Your Pathway
These videos and exercises will give you a seven-step process to creating a Discipleship Pathway that is unique to your church. You will also learn how to evaluate your pathway to assure that you sustain your momentum well past its initial launch.
Deepen Your Pathway – Congregation
Robby will share his preaching and sermon prep secrets. The exercises will help you put these insights into practice and help you grow as a preacher and increase your people’s passion for the Word.

Deepen Your Pathway – Community & Core

Robby, Gus, and Tim share practical insights from their years of leading Life Groups and D-Groups. These nine exercises will help you move your Groups from where they are now to where you want them to be.
Strategic Soul Care

Soul-care is never selfish, it’s always strategic. Robby shares about his near burnouts in ministry and gives leaders practical tips on how they can continue to be the leader that God has called them to be and their church and family needs them to be.


Want personalized consulting and coaching for you and your team?

In addition to the Discipleship Pathway Masterclass, your team can receive 6 consulting calls with a Replicate Trainer where we will help you overcome your greatest obstacles that you face as you implement the course’s content.

We will customize each of these four one-hour zoom calls to personally address your situation with whomever you think needs to be present.

Masterclass Consulting Bundle: $2,395 $1,497