You probably put a lot of intentional focus on your Easter service(s). Pastors and church leaders understand the opportunity to reach people with the Gospel on Easter is great because so many attend and bring guests. As Christ draws people to Himself, we celebrate as they respond and cross over from death to life. But this is only the beginning.

Making disciples doesn’t end when someone starts to follow Jesus. Their journey has just begun. Jesus walked with His disciples, sharing His life with them, and teaching them to obey the Lord’s commands. And then He sent them out to replicate the process. Jesus was just as intentional with the time He spent with the disciples after they started to follow Him as He was in calling them to follow Him. We ought to be as intentional about how we make disciples as well.

People have responded to the Gospel message in your Easter services. Now what? Often, the back door of the church will be just as busy the weeks following Easter as the front door was on Easter Sunday. You need a model of discipleship that helps close the back door and connects people into the life of the church. You need a discipleship pathway that is clear and effective.

At Replicate, we believe what happens after Easter should be just as intentional as the planning and effort that went into the weekend. At the Replicate Discipleship Blueprint, we get to show hundreds of pastors and church leaders how to implement Jesus’ model of disciple-making. More than a strategy, the Blueprint teaches practical, reproducible, and scalable principles that work in various church contexts. And the sessions are led by pastors and church leaders who are practicing what they teach. We would love for you to join us. Space is limited but there is still time to register for our next Discipleship Blueprint on April 28-29, 2016. Just go to for more information.

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