Perspective: Discipleship

Anthony L. Jordan
Across the years, I have sought to be both a disciple and a discipler of others. I have learned that the discipleship process is not a three-ring notebook. It is about iron sharpening iron—life on life. While some study materials can be used to guide the discipleship process, relationships trump material. Frankly, nothing is better than walking through Scripture together and seeking how to apply Truth to daily life. Discipleship is not about one hour on Sunday morning, and a good Sunday School small group isn’t discipleship either. Unless we find ways to connect with one another throughout the week and walk with one another through life’s challenges, we have not become disciples. We are just attenders.
Anthony is right. Discipleship is life on life. Discipleship is more than just the D-Group meeting time as well. Discipleship (as Anthony said) is walking through God’s Word together, holding each other accountable, and pushing each other towards Christ.