Picture it!

iStock_000076677795_SmallGuest Post By Dixie Walker Resolutions for the year ahead normally come with mentions of food or exercise. However, one of mine for 2016 is to participate in the F-260 Bible reading plan. The difference though is that I’m not reading it—I’m listening to it instead. I thought it would be fun to “picture” these awesome Bible stories in my mind as I listen to the words of Scripture with my ears. It’s providing a really cool twist to my normal quiet time Bible study. The events and characters come to life as I see them playing out in my thoughts! You may be using the Replicate app on your phone, and it’s a great resource! But did you know that same plan is on the YouVersion app.? This is the one I use since it offers the Bible passages with the audible selection of “The Listener’s Bible.” The voice reading the passages has a great tone and fluctuation throughout the content—very easy to listen to even with longer passages! If you’re a parent with children at home, you may be wondering how to get them involved in Bible study this year. I know this can be a struggle at times, but here are a few tips that might make it possible:
  • Picture it! As mentioned above, allow the Bible stories to come alive in the mind while listening is kind of like watching a movie that only you can see. Your kids will love doing this!
  • Draw it! This is a great method to use with younger grade school children or preschoolers. Your job is to find a couple of key verses from the Bible passage you read—ones that can easily be illustrated. Ask your child(ren) to listen carefully to your words and then begin drawing a picture to illustrate these verses.
  • Demonstrate it! Do you have children who are naturally dramatic? They may enjoy acting out the “scenes” of some significant Bible verses you pull from your time in the Word. This approach can be done with the whole family involved.
Regardless of the method used, find a way to get involved in personal Bible study this year. And then spread the joy of newfound knowledge and spiritual growth with your family members. Can you do me a favor? If these ideas resonate with you, would you:   • REACT. Do something.   • RESPOND. Leave a comment on this post.   • REPOST. Repost this link on Twitter, Facebook or your blog.