A one-stop course to help you create and deliver more engaging sermons.
Do you wish your people were more engaged with your weekend messages?
Do you struggle communicating the text in a faithful, relevant, and compelling way?
Do you need a better plan for preparing your sermons?
Do you know you need to grow as a communicator, but feel stuck?
The Preaching Masterclass

Transform Your Preaching To Reach More People And Grow Your Church

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When you complete the video trainings and implementation exercises, you will have a complete Preaching Playbook that includes:
  • A preaching strategy that guides your calendar
  • A firmer grasp on how to discover the meaning of the text
  • Seven-step process for creating sermon applications
  • A formula to consistently create compelling proposition statements
  • A sermon-planning template you can use each week
  • An evaluation resource to help you continually grow as a preacher
  • A better framework for creating and delivering illustrations
  • A tool that will gauge the relevancy of your text-driven applications

3 Steps to Delivering Better Sermons

Design Your
Deliver More
Engaging Sermons
In Less Time

3 Sessions

1. Designing Your Preaching Strategy
2. Building Your Sermon
3. Continually Growing As A Preacher

15 Implementation Exercises

1. Delivering Text-Driven Sermons That Connect
2. How To Create A Yearlong Preaching Schedule
3. The Proposition Formula That Will Change Your Preaching
4. A Better Framework for Creating and Delivering Illustrations
5. The Most Helpful Practice To Improve As A Preacher 
6. And more… 

BONUS Resources

  • Sermon Planning Template
  • Feedback Loop Resource
  • Unleashed by Robby Gallaty 
  • Robby Gallaty’s 2 Timothy Preaching Outline 
Robby Gallaty
Robby Gallaty is the Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Church in the Nashville area where he preaches to around 10,000 people in-person and online each week. Together with his wife, Kandi, he began Replicate Ministries in 2008 to equip the local church to make disciples that make disciples.

Robby completed his Masters of Divinity degree in Expository Preaching in 2007 and his Ph.D. in Preaching in 2011 from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. During this time, Robby was mentored by Jim Shaddix and discipled by David Platt. During this season, Robby gained a passion for expository preaching and disciple making.

Robby has also authored eight books including Preaching For The Rest Of Us: Essentials For Text-Driven Preaching. Other books include Replicate, Growing Up, Rediscovering Discipleship, The Forgotten Jesus, and Recovered: How An Accident, Alcohol and Addiction Led Me to God. The complete list of books (with purchase links) can be found in the Replicate book store.

Preaching Masterclass Topics

The Preaching Masterclass consists of 3 training sessions with 15 exercises to help you contextualize the content. Below is a list of all the topics that are covered in this Masterclass.
What is Text-Driven Preaching?
In this training session, Robby shares his definition for text-driven preaching and why this form of preaching is the best preaching strategy to leverage the life-changing power of Scripture.
Delivering Text-Driven Sermons That Connect
Not every text-driven sermon is one that preaches through a whole book of the Bible, and not every sermon that preaches through a book of the Bible is text-driven. In this session, Robby shares how you can deliver text-driven sermons in different formats that will connect with your congregation.
A Team-Approach Strategy To Sermon Planning
When preparing your sermon, it’s beneficial to have other people in the room to offer insights on the passages you might have missed. In this session, Robby will talk about how he gathers his sermon prep team and what that process looks like.
How To Create A Yearlong Preaching Schedule
The same Spirit that anoints in the pulpit anoints in the planning. In this session, Robby shares how increasing your pre-sermon planning helps you better communicate God’s Word and equip your people to put it into practice
The Two Biggest Hindrances To Growing As A Preacher
Becoming a better communicator of God’s Word is a lifelong process. In this session, Robby will identify two things to be on guard against so that you can constantly improve as a preacher. 
Creating Your Weekly Sermon Rhythm
In this training session, Robby will share how he structures his week for sermon planning, preaching, and evaluating the message. Creating your own weekly sermon rhythm will provide you a structure that will help you improve every week starting today.  
A Consistent Process For Producing Textual Sermons
Before you can build your sermon, you must first thoroughly study the passage. In this training session, Robby will share with you the importance of creating a consistent process for preparation and walk you through something he does every week. 
How To Use Word Studies In A Practical And Relevant Way
In this training session, Robby will provide eight steps for effective Word Studies and help you discern how to deliver your insights in a way that connects with your congregation. 
How To A.I.M. The Text Towards Your People
Before we can create a meaningful message for our audience, we must understand the text’s meaning to the original audience. In this training session, Robby will help you identify the author’s intended meaning (A.I.M.).  
The Proposition Formula That Will Change Your Preaching
Once you have developed your A.I.M you can now bring that message into the present day so that it will directly apply to your congregation. In this training session, Robby will give you a formula that will help you craft a clear, compelling statement that summarizes your message.  
Finding The Text-Driven Application
It is one thing to diagnose a problem; it’s another to give a solution. Creating a text-driven application is crucial to helping your people not just understand the text, but respond to it. In this session, Robby will provide a seven-step process for creating applications for your sermon.  
A Better Framework For Creating and Delivering Illustrations
When illustrations are done poorly. they can distract or overshadow the sermon. But when they’re done right, a good illustration can solidify a truth in the minds of our people and propel them to action. In this session, Robby will give you a framework for how to create better illustrations. 
Walking Points For Action
Though we want our audience to hear the entirety of our sermon, it’s important to narrow our sermon down to one thing that we want our audience to remember. In this training session, Robby will help you create a “Walking Point” that your people will remember well after your sermon finishes. 
Calling All Hearers: Effective Invitations
As God moves in the hearts of people during your sermon, you want to provide an opportunity for non-believers to respond and put their faith in Jesus. In this training, Robby will share how to create effective invitations. 
Starting With A Bang: Compelling Introductions
In the first few minutes, listeners often make the decision if the sermon is worth their attention. In this training session, Robby will help you grab your audience’s attention so they will stay engaged throughout your sermon.