Quick Update and Favor

The response for the Growing Up Challenge has been amazing. People from all over the country have signed up. Many of you have already signed up, but I believe there are a few of you who haven’t. Here are a few reasons to sign up for the Challenge. You will get the: 1. Growing Up Almanac (Leader’s Guide) 2. 13 Weekly Growing Up Training Videos (We put hundreds of man hours into making these for you.) 3. All of the appendices in printable PDF format 4. Exclusive access to our discipleship community to ask questions and get answers 5. Updates about upcoming events, trainings, and free resources to assist you in your journey to make disciples 6. For those who are members of the group, You will also receive resources, insights, and ideas for growing in your faith. Regardless of whether you sign up or not, I need your help. Can you share, retweet, or post about the Challenge? We all know people who would benefit from a Discipleship group, but they don’t know where to start, or what to teach, or how to lead, or how to grow in their faith. The Challenge will answer all of those questions and More. Click here to join the challenge. Click here to share on Twitter. Click here to share on Facebook. Looking forward to journeying together in 2014.